Dear friends,

Like many other well known nude and erotic art photographers I have been banned from 500px on 26th December during the “Christmas massacre”. Some might say this is a kind of a witch hunt, while others just see it as early spring-cleaning.

It seems that their moderators have been instructed to ban everybody who has images in his portfolio that might not be suitable for their site.

Regardless whether the images are put into the right section and marked adequately as “Sexually explicit.” a ban can happen without prior notice.

They don’t stick  to their own Terms of Service where it says:

“… If this type of content is found on your 500px account, it will be removed and you will be warned once, then banned if the activity continues. …

As per our Terms of Service, our moderators reserve the right to filter and/or remove content at anytime without detailed explanation. “

Furthermore, your account will be closed, and you can not log in and remove images that might be considered offending. Already paid membership fees will not be refunded and they will not reinstate your account.

Think twice before you pay hard earned money to a company that seems to have an even more intransparent policy than Facebook when it comes to nudity.