You might have read my blog post “When things go wrong…”, my images never made it to the exhibition as UPS and the service agency messed it up.
I had long email conversations with Zena and Espen, the organisers of the Erotic Art Exhibition how we can solve the problem. As sending new framed prints to London would have cost a little fortune and it would have been impossible to have them at the venue in time, we finally agreed that I will bring the images on Thursday morning.
So, I spent Wednesday night with printing and packing a small parcel that was booked as hold luggage for my flight to London. All I had to hope for was that there will be a spot on the walls left to hang my artwork.
What should I say, there was a place reserved for me and I could hang them with poster hangers instead of the originally intended frames.

The images are printed on the same fine-art paper as the framed ones, but I couldn’t mount them on a mat as I had to roll them for transport.

My special thanks go to Zena and Espen for allowing me to hang the images. I finished my work just minutes before the doors opened to the public.