Once I knew which artwork will be displayed at the Erotic Art Exhibition the real work began.
First I had to decide on which paper to print the images. As I do prefer textured matte fine-art paper over glossy or semi-glossy papers, I could narrow down the possibilities a bit. Luckily, I had some Hahnemühle test packs available, and I got another test pack from Photolux. After a couple of test prints on Hahnemühle German Etching, Museum Etching, Albrecht Dürer and Photolux FineArt Velvet, I decided to go with FineArt Velvet as I like the texture and feel of this paper.

After the images where printed, I mounted them on a thick mat

and framed them for the exhibition.

Nearly finished, now I just have to find a way to ship the images to London without paying a fortune.