When shipping framed images it is important to make sure that they won’t get damaged during the transport.

Protecting the image with shock absorbing material like this blue foam for the frame and a couple of layers of bubble foil seems to be a good way to do this.

Do not forget to stick a fragile sticker to your parcels and use an ultra-strong tape to ensure that the box keeps closed during transport.

Everything is ready for shipping, now we need a courier to pick the parcels and deliver them in London.
This seems to be pretty easy, up to the point where you see the rates for your quite big parcels.
Luckily, the internet helps you to find a service agency to cut down costs when booking the shipment through them.
They do offer you a list of different rates depending on the courier and service class. All you have to do is to enter dimensions, weight and delivery address.

And this is where the disaster began, I had chosen UPS as courier service mainly because they are reliable and handle the parcels with care. The price seemed to be reasonable and the whole booking process was very smooth.

I relaxed when the UPS driver came to collect my parcels. Well, another two days and my artwork will arrive in London within the given time frame. I tracked my parcels and everything seems to be fine, but then the tracker said: “Delivery refused”.
When I got the confirmation that UPS had never shown up at the delivery address the next morning it was already too late. The parcels already had a new number and an unstoppable process had started, my artwork was on its way back to Germany.
To make things even worse they were not sent back to me, they were sent to the depot of the service agency instead.
This is one of the disadvantages you do have when using a service agency. They are the sender of your parcel, you are just a pick-up address for the courier service. Unfortunately,  the service agency disguised this during the order process. Don’t expect any help from the courier, all they do is telling you to contact the service agency.

When this happened I was in the service agencies mercy. And they messed it up completely, even their promise to handle the case with priority and to send the parcels out immediately was just wishful thinking.
It was nearly impossible to reach the customer service and all I got where excuses how busy they are.

Finally, they did not manage to send the parcels to London in time.
So, it looks like none of my artwork will be displayed at the Erotic Art Exhibition this year.