As it looks like the censorship has reached DeviantArt.
About a month ago one of my pictures got removed from DeviantArt for a violation of the DeviantArt policies. This image has been online for more than three years and was properly marked as nude and not explicit in any way.
So far it’s only one, but who knows how many will follow.
Yesterday I noticed that I’m not the only one who got censored, as it seems other well known and established artists have been targeted as well.
As you might imagine I disputed but since then there is no reaction from the admin team at all.

I was thinking about the situation for quite a while, and as my CORE membership was about to expire, I decided not to extend it. Probably the only way to wake up the owners of DeviantArt is not to give them money.

Furthermore, I will not post new images in the near future and will keep an eye on the further development of DeviantArt.

It seems like it’s time to expand the galleries on this website and look out for a new place that respects artists and erotic art.