Phase One has just released a new version of the amazing raw converter Capture One. Each year in late November we can expect a brand new version with lots of new features, we have not been disappointed this year.
Capture One Pro 12 adds some very interesting features including the Luma Range Masking, radial gradient mask tool and a reworked linear gradient mask tool as well as support for plugins.
Furthermore, the user interface has been streamlined and a couple of new Canon and Nikon cameras are supported now.

I’ve just started to play around with it a bit and so far the Luma Range Masking caught my eye. It is a fantastic new feature that helps to work a lot with masking areas that have a specific luminosity range.

Unfortunately, Phase One still does not support the Pentax 645d and 645z medium format cameras. They have opened up a bit, but so far the only non-Phase One medium format cameras that are officially and fully supported are the Fujifilm GFX 50R and GFX 50S.
Luckily, the well-known workarounds are still working with Capture One Pro 12.