As already announced in my last blog article Create your own camera profiles for Capture One, I will have a more in-depth look into the possibilities you have with each of the software solutions available.

You might imagine that it is nearly impossible to do a detailed review of different software solutions in a couple of lines. Therefore, I decided to split the article over a couple of blog posts. Each blog post will cover one of the programs I will review; this will give me the possibility to go into some details.
I will cover the following programs that help you to create ICC profiles for your cameras and use them in Capture One:

  • ColorChecker Passport (from V 1.2.0 onward)
  • basICColor input 5
  • Lumariver
  • DCamProf and Argyll

These programs cover a range from command line based opensource software to GUI driven commercial software.
Let’s see which solution creates the most versatile profiles.