The technical challenge of a remote-shoot

As already announced in my last blog post Another remote shoot is scheduled a long distance shoot was due last Friday.
Shooting remote is always a challenge; quite a lot of things can go wrong or cause trouble. Be it wonky WiFi connections, problems with the video conferencing software or just the connection problems between camera and laptop. Luckily, we had only one technical problem during or shoot. At one point the camera was stuck and not transferring any images to the computer. The usual tricks, like turning off the camera and removing the battery, didn’t solve the problem. Eventually, we figured out that the laptop was out of disk space. Luckily, all raw images went to the memory card anyway, so all we lost was the ability to review the jpegs on the laptop.

What is different from an in-person shoot?

When shooting in-person with a model, you do have certain advances over a remote-shoot.
First of all, it’s easier to build a good rapport if you see each other than through a video conference.
Secondly, you do have more control over the angles and can change the composition of the image by moving around. Furthermore, swapping lenses to adapt to the focal length to achieve a specific outcome makes your life as a photographer easier.

However, you can master all this with the help of the model. All you need to do is communicating your wishes and ideas. It helps a lot if the model has at least basic knowledge of photography, but most of the well-established models will have it anyway.

So, communication is the key to success. However, don’t expect to get the same number of images in a remote shoot as you will usually get. Each change in setup, even the slightest ones take time, and the model has to go back into position after the modification to the setup is done.

How was the outcome?

Jay and I built a good rapport quite instantly. Together with good pre-shoot communication, it helps a lot to achieve a good outcome of the shoot.
Despite the minor technical issues we encountered, it was just brilliant, and we are both more than happy with the results.
We are already looking into setting up another shoot in the next couple of weeks.  Due to the limited time, caused by the different time zones we are living in, we do have a bunch of ideas leftover for our next shoot.

This is one example of what we did with the amazing natural light available.

Model: Jay Ban

You can find more images from the shoot in the member area.