We nearly reached the end of the year, a year most of us will never forget and most will probably happy wave goodbye to. Nonetheless, this is a year that has already written itself into the history books. We witnessed the first pandemic since a century, seen a US president losing the election and still claiming he won and rubbed our eyes in disbelief that the European Union and Great Britain finally agreed on a deal when a no-deal Brexit was on the brink.

Photography wise it was a quite strange year, it looked perfect in the beginning, but once the pandemic situation occurred and we went into lockdowns in most parts of the world the number of my shoots declined massively. I had to cancel a couple of planned trips to the UK and other parts of Europe while filling the gaps with remote-shoots.
However, I had met a fair number of people, either in person or through video conferencing, who I will setup in-person shoots with once it’s safe and travel is possible.

Unfortunately, the number of pirated content increased, which means that my income from selling sets and videos decreased. Fighting copyright infringements is a tedious job, especially if you deal with file-sharing platforms who are unwilling to take down the stolen content. Therefore, I have decided to set up a shop and sell my images as ebooks and prints.

Please support photographers and content creators by buying the content and not stealing it. We can’t produce new artwork if we cannot create income from sales and see our work distributed for free on the internet.